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Join the Tour!

Contribute Media: Capture stories that detail your local educational experiences and climate. Upload them onto The People’s Stories website.

Organize a Local Tour: Plan a tour of your school, neighborhood and community, city, state, region, country!

Organize a Reading Group: Get together a group of friends or classmates to discuss readings on quality education as a national right.

Through the voices of educators, activists and historians, Quality Education as a Constitutional Right: Creating a Grassroots Movement to Transform Public Schools, articulates the need for a new education civil rights movement. (Eds. T.Perry, R.Moses, J.Wynne, E.Cortes Jr, & L.Delpit, Beacon Press, August 2010) 

An Earned Insurgency: Quality Education as a Constitutional Right, frames today’s context for unequal education through giving a historical perspective of the civil rights movement in rural Mississippi. It speaks of the struggle to maintain rights federally guaranteed by the US Constitution—“Jim Crow has been eliminated de jour but not de facto in public education”—and serves as a place of grounding from which our work is built upon. (Robert Moses, in Harvard Educational Review, Summer 2009: “Education in the Age of Obama.”)

No Time to Lose: Why America Needs an Education Amendment to the US Constitution to Improve Public Education, exposes radical disparities between state resources allocated towards public schools, resulting in the systemic denial of an opportunity to learn for many low-income students and students of color. The report outlines the legal precedent for an education amendment to the US Constitution, requiring that education become a national priority, “…to raise the baseline of quality, achievement, attainment, and accountability.” (Southern Education Foundation, September 2009).

Host a Gathering and/or Class Discussion: Host a film screening & discussion of the following films on education

  • The People Speak
  • Papers
  • Beyond the Bricks
  • The Road to Nowhere
  • Waiting for Superman