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Robert P. Moses: We tolerate a “sharecropper’s education”

10:16 pm November 3, 2009, by Maureen Downey

bobmosesSpeaking tonight at Georgia State where he gave the annual Benjamin E. Mays lecture, educator, civil rights legend and innovator Robert P. Moses called for a constitutional amendment that says “every child in this country is a child of this country and is entitled to a quality public school education.”

Founder of The Algebra Project, Moses has a dazzling resume, including a MacArthur Foundation genius grant.

Raised in Harlem, educated at Harvard, Moses began his civil rights career as field secretary for the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee. Then, he was trying to help black sharecroppers in Mississippi register to vote, and he was pistol whipped and beaten for his efforts.

Now, Moses has another injustice in his sights: unequal education.

In his work in poor and minority schools, Moses realized that the “sharecropper education in the age of cotton has been transported alive and kicking into the age of information.” Read the full article here.