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Education, Equality and Race

Ashbrooke Center for Public Affairs
On Principle, v3n2
April 1995
by: John Agresto

When has America not been divided, harassed and harmed by the race issue? The best instinct of the Founders--that all men are created equal--was undercut and submerged by the irrepressible fact of slavery. The lives of thousands given in the service of abolition were forgotten in the years of segregation, black codes and Jim Crow. And now (with the best of intentions we are told) the vision of a nation where race doesn’t matter will not materialize--now and in the future people will be helped or hindered because of their complexion. Dwell on race. Count by race. Classify by race. Take race "into account." Reward by race. Harm by race.

Worst of all, leadership in this new policy lies not in the ranks of the former agents of ill will but in the one place America has looked to for civility, for enlightenment, and even for wisdom: our colleges. Has the resegregation of America happened anywhere else with the fury--and the design--that we see on college campuses? Read the full report here.