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"We are asking the country to engage in conversations at the local, state, regional and national level about the need for a constitutional amendment for quality public school education for every child in the nation."

--Robert Moses, University of Michigan Commencement

The We the People Tour inspires local communities to get a conversation moving among and across stakeholder groups in today’s educational landscape, prioritizing the voices of students, parents and teachers in helping to initiate a national dialogue about high quality education as a fundamental right, protected by the constitution, for all of America’s children. Using a variety of educational and social events, the Tour promotes local activism around quality education for every child. Events include lectures, workshops, community conversations, theatrical, musical and dance performances. Through Fall 2010 and throughout 2011, the Tour will visit cities across the nation to bring the message of quality education as a constitutional right to the nation.

The tour seeks to:

Develop a vision, shared by students, parents and teachers for high quality education:  It is our belief that young people are essential to moving a conversation between communities and stakeholders most impacted by this country’s education policies.

Increase understanding of the type of leadership and investment required to turn around classroom, school building, community, and system: The tour seeks to share the examples and experiences of students, parents, teachers, administrators, organizations and institutions that have exercised leadership and organized the resources that contributed or are contributing to the transformation of educational experiences and outcomes for students.  These stories and models will inform the type of sustained leadership and investment required for public education to work for all children.

Support the development of a network that contributes to a unified demand for quality education as constitutional right: We have chosen a network based approach because there is no single institution, organization or person with the resources to radically transform the quality of America’s education system.  It is our goal to build the capacity to facilitate the growth of a network that can lead a campaign for Quality Education as a Constitutional Right. We want to create the space for people to begin thinking and talking about a constitutional amendment for high quality education, allowing for a unified message to emerge; and to align and empower people, organizations and institutions to execute that strategy.


The We the People Tour is part of Quality Education as a Constitutional Right (QECR), a national effort to transform public education into a model of excellence for all of America’s students, through local school and community-based organizing strategies.

The tour will leverage the release of the new book, Quality Education as a Constitutional Right: Creating a Grassroots Movement to Transform Public Schools.  We are collaborating with contributors to the book and Beacon Press to coordinate events and activities that engage stakeholders and build public discourse.  Through the voices of educators, activists and historians, authors of the book articulate the need for a new education civil rights movement and the galvanization of key education stakeholders to engage in local, state and national conversations about quality education as a constitutional right. Contributors include Lisa Delpit, Theresa Perry, Bob Moses, Ernie Cortez, Charles Payne and Jeannie Oakes.

For more information or to get involved with the Tour contact:
Lauren Veasey, QECR Network Organizer: 510-823-5694 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it